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Dealer’s Reputation – Professional reputable Tint Shops have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure top quality window tint. These shops are often built on their good reputation and they take great pride in their work. A professional shop will only use the highest quality films and hire the most competent tinters. A tint shop gets a good reputation for a reason they do good work with great customer service. To ensure top quality work these reputable shops must charge more than the fly by night tinters to cover the cost of providing top quality service. Window tint doesn’t have to be dark to protect.

Car window tint is a micro-thin film that is installed on the inside of your car windows. It has a patented adhesive system that bonds the film to the glass, and can be placed on the back and side windows of your car. 

Terrific Tint only uses the highest quality window tint available, Llumar High Performance Automotive Film.

Llumar automotive window tint is a high-performance automotive film, offering stylish UV protection, security and reduction of heat and distracting glare to make each drive safer and more comfortable.

After you have purchased your car, LLumar High Performance Automotive Film is installed through a nationwide network of factory-trained dealer/installers.

The price of window tint is dependent upon the type of tint you choose and your vehicle. 

Always use a certified window tinting specialist to ensure quality tint product is properly installed. 

Window tint doesn’t have to be dark to protect. It is a myth that window film has to be dark to be effective. State laws are in effect that outlaw very dark (black-out) window tinting. LLumar comes in several different light transmissions – all being neutral in appearance.

The longevity of your window tint is dependent upon proper installation, maintenance and environmental conditions. 

All Llumar® Automotive Protection Window Film comes with a written Manufacturer Lifetime Warranty from Llumar® which is honored at over 10,000 dealers nationwide, including Terrific Tint.

Yes! Our films are designed to allow all electronics in your car to work properly.